Investment partnership focused on growth and event driven funding for companies bringing transformative and commercially scalable solutions to unsolved problems and underserved markets:

  • Stage:  Up to 18 months prior to major inflection point of rapid growth in value and commercial scale.
  • Primary Focus:  Life sciences and healthcare companies best positioned to drive or enable rapid transformation to next generation consumer demand & value driven healthcare 2020-2030.  Included but not limited to platform companies addressing aging population, inflammation, autoimmunity, neurodegeneration, brain health.
  • Company Attributes: Leadership position in underserved market; deep understanding of the industry ecosystem and competitive landscape; capacity to attract top talent across all disciplines; culture that embraces technology, data, innovation, and human capital and communication; prepared to scale quickly through operational excellence, acquisitions, partnerships, and/or licensing; commitment to strong governance; the Board, founder, officers, major investors aligned on operating plan and return objectives.
  • Investment Approach:  Lead or co-lead new investment round and serve on Board of Directors.  Help de-risk final transition to major value and growth inflection point.  Support parallel path to IPO or M&A.